Organizational Structure


Calling for the spirit of unity and pledge to create a unique non-profit organization through charity donations in order to help the unfortunate with special needs, afflicted by disease and natural disasters.


From the believing in “A true charity work is a task that can only be given without expecting for any return,” QTTUSA is an official non-profit tax- exempt organization. All members contributing to the QTTUSA are entirely voluntary. All members work toward a common mission. Members are prohibited from seeking benefits for themselves or taking individual actions that might harm to other members or the organization in general.

CHARITY FUND: All funds must ONLY be used for charity purposes of QTTUSA under the consent of all the members and the agreement by the members of the Board of Directors. The funds will be allocated as charity budget and to be preserved by the Treasurers. The total amount of funds in the year must be utilized for charity work throughout the year and only keep the minimum balance avoiding fees from Bank.

  1. AUTHORIZING OF FUND: After obtaining the agreement of all members and the Board, the extract amount of the fund should have the consent of at least 3 (three) representatives of the Board. The Board Accountant then authorizes the withdrawal of approved expenses from the Board Treasurer’s current budget. After the fund was handed or transferred to individuals or organizations who are receiving such an assistance, the Treasurer and Accountant are responsible for informing such transaction to all members of the QTTUSA and keeping records for documenting purposes.
    • Contribution from members is NOT mandatory. The organization does not require its members to contribute any fixed amount of money or time. All contributions are voluntary. However, the decision of fundraising will be made by the Board based on specific cases recommended by members or in special cases, such as natural disasters or critical situation where individual or organizations are desperate for assistance.
    • Upon receipt of any donations, the Accountant will directly contact individual to inform the receiving of such a charity contribution, and provide the donor with the receipt.
    • Contributing methods
      • Cash
      • Bank transfers (Paypal, wiring, Ebanking): please contact Cam Tu or Ngoc Tram for more details.
      • Checks (checks) or certified check (money order) payable to QUY TINH THUONG USA – QTTUSA, and mail to
        111 ILWACO PL SE 134 ILWACO PL SE
        RENTON, WA 98059 RENTON, WA 98059
    • No refund policy: Because QTTUSA is a nonprofit charity organization, all donations from members are completely based on a volunteer manner. QTTUSA will not be responsible for any refundable amount of contributions by member for any reason.
    • Upon receiving of a contribution from any member, a representative of the Board will notify the donor the amount has been received. At the same time, the Accountant will inform all members in regarding to the contribution made by the individual.
    • At the end of each month, the Accountant will summarize all received donations, the bank interest (if any), and the expenditure amount for the month.
    • If the balance of the total budget is less than $ 400 USD, the Board will notify all members.

MEMBERSHIP: QTTUSA welcomes the participation of everyone, irrespective of age, civil status, race, or from any other country. Children under 18 years of age will be required the presence of parents in the charity activities of the organization.

  • Upon welcoming a new member, the Board will inform and introduce to all members of the organization.
  • New members will be notified of all activities, the terms and condition, as well as the organization’s structure to gain better understanding of the operation within QTTUSA.


  • Membership:
    • Joined, exchanged, comments based on volunteer work and within the spirit of learning and discussion.
    • Respect for other members
    • Do not misuse the funds for personal profit or any individual outside charitable purposes
    • Upon receiving of a proposed program and there is a consensus, members will be notified by the Board. If there is no responding from the members within a specified time line, the acknowledgement shall be deemed as agreed.
    • Smearing is strictly prohibited toward members or organizations inside or outside the scope of the organization.
  • The Board Committee: Beside abiding to all the regulations persevere as members, the Board Committee also bear the following additional regulations.
    • Directly answer members’ questions and resolving conflicts related to charity activities and involving in decisions making process
    • Respect the rules and regulation designated to specific roles and responsibilities


  • Member of the Board Committee:
    USA: Email:
    Minh Nguyet T. Ho
    Mai Tram T. Nguyen
    Ngoc Tram T. Pham
    Cam Tu D. Nguyen
    Ngan Ha T. Nguyen
    Anh T. La
    Viet Nam:
    Mong Hang T. La
    Huyen Tran T. Truong
  • Position and Responsibilities:
    • Decision making of charity programs, fundraising and contribution: All charity programs, fundraising activities and fund contribution toward the charity program will be made based upon the decision making and consensus from the members of the Board. In the event of there is a disagreement, board members must review and discuss with the individual to determine the solution. The outcome of all decision making must be based on democracy and the majority of the vote being cast by members of the Board.
    • Laws-related issues: The entire of the Board members should be responsible for monitoring, exchange, learn, and gain understanding any rules set forth by the government to avoid potential violations.
    • Approval of withdrawal of the fund: Representatives of the Board must certify any fund amount before being withdrawn from the budget that belongs to QTTUSA.
      Cam Tu or Ngoc Tram – Washington State
      Tuan Anh – Virginia
      Mai Tram or Minh Nguyet – California
      Ngan Ha – Atlanta, Georgia
    • Accounting: Ngan Ha and Mong Hang are designated and responsible for recognition of contributions and expenditures in the charity events, providing the necessary information to members to complete the contribution, document and archive all transaction activities. At the end of each month, designated individuals are liable to inform and update the funds to the Board Committee and QTTUSA members with the status of the organization’s operation.
    • Treasurer: Ngoc Tram and Cam Tu are responsible for all bank transactions and account-related activities and relating the donations to the Accountant to send the receipt to the member, settlement income and expenses for the charity events. If the remaining fund is near or below the amount stipulated by the bank, Treasurer must contact the Board Committee to begin the next fundraising process.
    • Communication and Information: Minh Nguyet, Mai Tram, and Tuan Anh are responsible for providing all information relating to all activities of the organization through email, direct answers, or referring the member to contact a representative for assistance. All correspondence and notification MUST have the consent of the Board before email to members.
      Email of QTTUSA is
    • Coordinate and exchange information with the Representatives of QTTUSA in Vietnam: Mai Tram, Ngoc Tram, and Cam Tu are designated Board members to stay in contact, and to communicate, and be responsible for transferring of any authorized charity funding to the Representatives in Vietnam, Mong Hang or Huyen Tran. The two representatives are liable to receive and distribute the fund to the individual or organization based on the approved assistance program by the Board. They will report the status of such transactions to the Board for record-keeping and notification to members.


QTTUSA sincerely thank you for your contribution and compassionate to the unfortunate. Our journey to a sustainable credit organization is still far from being reached. However, the Board members are committed to ensure your contributions, and your loving heart will always reach individual, organization, or those who continue to suffer disease, or to be affected by nature disasters and hardship.

The purpose of this organizational structure is to preserve the credibility and the ability to bear the important responsibilities that QTTUSA’s members have entrusted in us. This also helps us handle the contribution funds properly as well as to avoid potential conflicts.

This organization structure is official and will be based upon during routine activities and volunteer work from this point forward.

A limited number of provisions in the budget might be changed throughout the operation and the organization performance. All modifications must be proposed, reviewed, and approved by the Board and all members.

Please email us for any questions: